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How Email Marketing Services in NJ Will Help Your Business

Are you having a hard time getting in touch with your customer base? Do you want to be able to keep customers informed with company news? Have you had a rough experience trying to get customers to turn to your services on a recurring basis?

The answer to these questions is Email Marketing. If you are interested in learning more about Email Marketing Services from our company in NJ, then take into account the information below:

Email Marketing Depends on Permission

One of the biggest reasons email marketing is so effective is because it remains predicated on the consent of customers. When a customer exists on your mailing list it is thanks to their willingness to be included. Thus, it makes sense that these emails are successful in reaching your customers. Email marketing has a high rate of success thoroughly successful.

Email Marketing Customers are More Valuable

Research has shown that customers acquired through email marketing are more likely to spend more money than customers acquired through other avenues. Email marketing customers were actually 11% more valuable to a business than the average customer in 2013.

Email Marketing Has a High Open Rate

The fact that your customers have agreed to be included in your email marketing, they will click and look at your businesses’ emails more frequently than usual. Higher amounts of clicks mean more potential business for your company.

Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices make email marketing even more effective when done the right way. However, many marketers don’t implement the complete potential that mobile email marketing provides. Emails with mobile-friendly responsive designs had a 24% higher click-to-open rate than unresponsive mobile designs. But, in the first quarter of 2014, 75% of marketers did not send responsive emails most of the time. In fact, only 1% of marketers use responsive email designs exclusively.

CMDS Email Marketing Company offers a wide range of Email marketing services in NJ, including responsive email designs. If you are interested in Email Marketing Services from our NJ company, contact CMDS at 732-706-5555 for more information.

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